#SEEMEATARMORY presents Frank & Steff Bayh & Rosenberger-Ochs

What if they were unicorns. “What if they were unicorns” are portraits of cruel inhuman and despotic leaders of our world history. We see human dictators, tyrants, genocidaires, traitors, and warriors, who played a decisive role in the course of history as crying, sad and innocent children. The unicorn is regarded as the noblest of all beings in the fantasy world and embodies the good and the pure. The pictures thus raise the question: What if …? What if these historical despots would have been good men? How would have gone history? Would others have taken their place? What if these egomaniac, domineering dictators had not found the breeding ground for their uprising in society? And what has mankind learned from their murders and wars? What if…? -  Frank & Steff Bayh & Rosenberger-Ochs