Delight Lab

Delight Lab is an audio-visual art and design studio that experiments around light, video, space, and sound made up of the visual and sound artist Andrea Gana and by the artist, designer, and poet Octavio Gana. The sibling duo studio began their investigations and light exercises in 2008.

“We use light to contrast dark aspects of our society. We bring to light messages for reflection, through the word. We believe in the power of it, in the power of interventions, at the time and place in which they are executed. We are moved to execute an art that can debate and open up realities, in many cases seeking justice from a poetic resonance, an art that can influence what happens and that at the same time problematizes the limits between what is public and what is private.”

Delight Lab is based in Santiago, Chile. They have participated in biennials, art residencies, and international festivals, such as the Circle of Light Moscow 2014, where they won the Audience Award. They have projected their work in museums, on buildings, and for set design and commercial events.