Erin Ellen Kelly

"My style is detailed, but raw. It is organic, rock-n-roll, and 

witchy. It draws power from the erotic feminine: dark, but with sincerity and humor. My work is driven by the body, its movements, its actions, its intelligence, and its relationship to its surroundings and the mind. I work site-specifically with in: parks, deserts, galleries, warehouse spaces, boats, gutted stores, in water, snow, dirt, trees, theaters and by the side of the road. It is where research (historical, mythological, scientific) intersects with physical experience. I am interested in functional, ritual, and metaphorical relationships to our surroundings. I search for what constitutes a sense of belonging, and how to invite people to feel into their interior spaces. I grapple with the relationships between the tangible and intangible, history and myth, natural and constructed environments, and interactions are fostered within environments to question the consumer culture we are living through. Each project is uniquely designed for on-site presentation, stage/installation performance, video or photograph. My aim is for the body and it’s dance to explore a subtle and nuanced relationship to environments and society. I consider how an individual’s body affects the work how the sites are affected by and affect the performing body, and the site as an audience. I am looking at the place where the mystical touches the everyday experience. I engage a listening body, dialoguing with impulses in relation to a conceptual framework. It is life force in conversation with the socialized body."