Susana Aldanondo

“My work is deeply influenced by the movement and energy of music. I seldom paint without music and I tend to revisit musical pieces that relate to my own experience - tango and jazz are the genres of music that I return to while I paint. My intention is that the rhythm and passion that music transmits are reflected in the many brush strokes and choice of colors found in my paintings as well as the excitement of the elements and the energy in my surroundings.

“I explore the idea of life’s synchronicity, and the gestural lines in my paintings point to the continuity in life; the turns and lines that cross and then part ways or continue, all point to the way we move through life and strive to improve and move forward.

I have become known as “the artist who paints under the rain” because rain is a special part of my creative process. Intuitively I have found beauty in rain from an early age - it embraces the idea of expression of freedom and points to my inner challenge to continue to paint under any circumstances - it turns the world into an art studio. It is also about the chaos associated with life itself."

Susana Aldonando is an Abstract Expressionist artist of Argentine descent, now based in New York City.