TRUE NORTH Exhibition Collection

TRUE NORTH is one’s orienting point, one’s grounding in a spinning world. It's your internal compass, representing who you are at the deepest level.

In TRUE NORTH, twenty-one international artists share the content that grounds them, the ideas that guide their exploration and pursuit, and ultimately the visual representation of what is most important to each. The style, medium, and temperament each artist employs to communicate their subject varies, but the intensity and passion for their content and concept is constant. 

Artworks exhibited in TRUE NORTH range from intense displays of emotion,  such as in the ferocious animal archetypes of Melora Walters, to the real geographies of Sherre Wilson-Liljegren imbued with memory and meaning, as well as the surreal, interior landscapes of the mind created by Christl Stinger.  For serial traveler, Radek Muniak, and photojournalist, Livia Monami, TRUE NORTH is not one place, but many, while for artists Patrick Webb and Meda Norbutaite, TRUE NORTH means telling it like it is -  portraying the human condition, complete with humor and compassion as well as sadness and anger.