Y. Hope Osborn

Armed with her 110mm camera. a variety of art materials, and numerous books, Hope Osborn’s creative interests in writing, photography, and digital art began early.  In 2020, she earned a Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing with Creative Nonfiction emphasis. Black and white photography and abstract art are Osborn’s sweet spots, and she brings imagination to reality through a unique digital abstraction of photography. 

“I push boundaries to inspire others to fearlessly tell their own story or find their own creative outlet. I create, keeping, and sharing, hoping you see my life and art as an opportunity for you to reach for things thought beyond your grasp, whether limited by discouraging words, poor health, marginal finances, or a life-shattering pandemic. Take a breath. Stay a moment. Tell me your story. Find refuge in my art, and feel the kaleidoscope of impact, inspiration, rest, energy, play, delight, comfort every time you find your place in it in the frame of your daily life. I have used my botanic photos in abstract expressionism of Candid Covid Expressions for facets of our lives. Every six months I pick up my palette of colors and create an ever-changing floral landscape of my patio garden, so I truly am never without flowers. I have loved kaleidoscopes since I was a kid—the way they, like my palette of colors and textures of my garden in their seasons, change with movement.”

Osborn is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, a place she sees as a mecca for new artists. Her creativity has been rewarded with two solo spotlight exhibits in two years, one currently running, awards in international online competition, and publications of creative writing and art.