Jennifer Orhélys, 'Marianne Crucifiée'
Jennifer Orhélys

Jennifer Orhélys, 'Marianne Crucifiée'

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Jennifer Orhélys was born in 1981 in Belfort (France), and navigating since a childhood of cultural diversity, languages, and art. Jennifer has always been lucky to be in contact with the beauty and the surrounding wilderness. An intense visual experience that will feed her years later in her artistic expression: photography.

By the emotion that carries her, Jennifer persists in creating an imaginary, colorful, and reflective world of solitary heroines and emotionally charged landscapes against an insidious moroseness of society. Her photographs explore the universal themes of dreams, fairy tales, mythology, and religion.

"My wild tales" are pictorial stories where the wild creatures express their ambivalent and heart-rending feelings. The characters are embodied by a mixed-blood girl who appears evasive, but impressive of emotions and mysticism. The solitary heroines captured in an emotional turmoil where staging is the magic word. This fashion series explores the universal themes of dreams, fairy tales, mythology, and religion, evoking the Pre-Raphaelite, and Romantic painting. Thus the female creatures often look away from the viewer, and the face often hidden by the environment. The viewers enter in a fairy tale and interpret the story of the image in search of the hidden meaning."

Outstanding color saturation creates vivid images printed on 240 gsm Epson paper with a 10 mil thickness.