Matthew Benjamin Murray, 'Troll Wall'
Matthew Benjamin Murray

Matthew Benjamin Murray, 'Troll Wall'

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Matthew Benjamin Murray started capturing imagery with a camera at a young age, to the point where his father took notice and purchased Matthew his first Canon SLR at at the age of 15. From there Matthew took to the streets shooting everything in his view from travel to sport to lifestyle moments. Matthew majored in photography and design at James Madison University, where he assisted his progressive professor in developing the first digital photography course during his senior year. Now fifteen plus years later, Matthew has been shooting for brands, agencies, athletes, celebrities, models and media outlets. His experience ranges to the many approaches, techniques and facets of photography.

One of the most iconic and a haven to wing suit junkies is Troll Wall in Norway. It is a true sight to behold from the base and peak. This mountain is a shear vertical wall of 3,600 feet and the highest vertical wall in all of Europe, with the peak overhanging the base by 50 meters. I was lucky enough to be taken on a private tour of Norway after The Arctic Challenge in February 2007 by non-other than Terje himself. The whole trip was life changing, but when we pulled over at the base of Troll Wall aka Trollveggen, I had to snap a photo with my Lecia

Outstanding color saturation creates vivid images printed on 240 gsm Epson paper with a 10 mil thickness.