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  • EVOLVE Exhibition

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  • ROOTS Exhibition

    New York, Fall, 2022
  • PASSION Exhibition

    New york, july, 2022

DISCOVER 16 EMERGING & MID-CAREER ARTISTS - Winners & Finalists in the EVOLVE Competiton. The EVOLVE Competition was juried by a panel of global art experts - over 500 artists participated.
EVOLVE v: To change or develop gradually into a more complex, or more advanced state; to develop by a process of evolution: Nothing is more constant than change.

EVOLVE Exhibition at SCOPE Miami, Dec. 2022

PARADISE FOUND: The Art of Carol Greenan Bouyoucos

Carol Greenan Bouyoucos’ work embodies not a fall from grace, as in Milton’s, “Paradise Lost,” but a paradise found in a time of personal change and reflection, and nature as muse, no fruit forbidden. Bouyoucos creates immersive photomontages, layering turn-of-the-century images with her lush digital representations of the natural world.

"Weaving historical imagery into the narrative embeds a feeling of nostalgia for nature, whereas working within a digital platform suggests that there is a changing truth to the environmental story.  My practice has always been shaped by technology. I embrace the aesthetic tension that digital materiality imposes on the work to redefine it and offer new questions about it. Environmental and social borderlines are conflicted today, but history has taught us that contemplating nature can compel humanity to work toward change." Carol Greenan Bouyoucos

Featured collection

The ROOTS Collection

PASSION Exhibition, Summer, 2022, NY

PASSION presents 21  international artists and taps into a  universal  desire of 2022, the longing to be passionate, to feel and experience things deeply. The work presented explores relationships between the powerful forces that drive us, emotions such as love, hope, and anger, or the will to confront difficult subjects. For both viewer and artist, passionate art lays bare our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and  channels the pulse of society, unveiling universal and timely desires and motivations. 

Art Takes 2022: EMERGE, Spring 2022


A year of uncertainty and reflection and also ripe with new subject matter, motivations, and perspectives, a year that necessitated change. In short, it was a time of personal exploration as well as one of resilience, renewal, and artistic growth and evolution. The world was engrossed in navigating constraints and leveraging technology to main connection to each other and the outside world - EMERGE explores the work of artists in the waning days of the pandemic as they channeled the moment and moved beyond to reflect on the future.



Featured Exhibition, Summer, 2021

  • Andrea Alkalay

  • Alessandra B-B

  • Jason Engelbart

  • Adam Watkins

  • Alejandro Borges

Andrea Alkalay

Alessandra B-B

Jason Engelbart

Adam Watkins

Alejandro Borges

JOURNEYS COLLECTION, Brooklyn, Fall, 2021