Alessandra B-B

Alessandra B-B is fascinated by the natural process of physical change in all mortal beings and uses her work to draw our attention to the fluid and unavoidable changes women experience as their bodies transform over time.

"My body isn't going to be young and full of vitality forever as in the image of classical paintings; It's mortal, and just as a fruit, it is undergoing a transformation and will decay. Society has conditioned us to think that the process of decay is inevitable and shameful, is it, though? Every change signals our inner growth and progress."   Alessandra B-B

In Alessandra B-B’s paintings, amorphic shapes, fruits, and vegetables serve as metaphors for transformation; her paintings reveal merging forces creating new beings. Alessandra's oeuvre leads the spectator through her universe and experience in which she questions the duality inherent in the aging process and ponders whether the way we conceive our bodies is influenced by society's bias or is part of a self-reflection on the natural process of mortal flesh.