Alessandra B-B

"The main topic I am working with as an artist is a Transformation. Observing the complete life cycle and transformations of a fruit or vegetable from the moment it was picked to the moment when it disappears forever, I use art to communicate to myself how these processes take place in my own body. I mentioned that my body is not going to be young and vital forever, it's mortal and, as a fruit or a vegetable, it goes through a transformation and will decay. So I adapt shapes and colors in my artist approach to show others that the process of aging and decay can be different from the picture that our society conditioned us to perceive. And I am also worried about the topics of social taboos and social frameworks. I would like every person in the world, especially women who are still under the pressure of patriarchal values, to enjoy every period of their lives, love their body with its natural changes, and see in them a concentration of harmony, perfection, beauty, and the natural flow of life as the changes are natural. I want to call everyone for a new perspective of seeing beauty in aging because there is much more behind it. There is a story of a life that you can see in wrinkles, a breast which fed a baby, in the aged hands of a person who was manually working for ages. We are a process but not frozen, still, and pretty pictures."