“To relinquish our form of existence to externality where any imaginable shape or form can be taken is probably the desired tendency and in many cases, the source of abundant collective fantasies. Nevertheless, when nature works in favor of our own existence, possibilities are narrowed down to one creative force”

Alexander Sutulov is a Latin American artist born in Chile.  He attended the Institute of Contemporary Art in Santiago and later continued his study of art at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah under the tutelage and guidance of Angelo Caravaglia. There, his academic emphasis was on painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Alexander's artist studio is currently devoted to a wide range of visual art projects regarding both institutional and corporate entities in the realm of public art encompassing sculpture, digital murals, and design projects which integrate interior design with artistic organic solutions for various architectural projects applications.

As a complement to his public and cultural projects, the Sutulov specializes in the production of digital paintings for private and residential spaces.  This allows the artist to develop various concepts of smaller format works in the form of fine art limited editions and editorial projects which seek the consensus of a wider audience.