Alison Pasquini is a visual artist and educator currently living and working in New York City. Originally from Massachusetts, she obtained her BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014. Initially specializing in watercolor, Pasquini's passion for oil painting blossomed during her undergraduate studies. In 2023, she successfully completed her MFA at the School of Visual Arts where her artistic repertoire expanded to incorporate acrylic, oil, and digital painting techniques. 

Employing surrealism and biomorphism, Pasquini delves into ecological concerns, constructing alternate realities within her work. She scrutinizes our material connection to the contemporary environment, challenging dualistic concepts such as artificiality versus natural forces.

Pasquini’s work has been showcased at various galleries and fairs in Boston, New York, Miami, London, and Rotterdam. Her work also graces private collections in the USA, Italy, and France.