ALTER~EGO Exhibition Collection

Clark Kent had Superman ~ 

an alias that channeled his beliefs, intentions, and superpowers and a part of himself that was rarely seen or known to others.

To consider the prospect of an alter-ego calls for bravery, introspection, and a creative outlook, as well as a deep understanding that ideas, beliefs, and beings do not always manifest in one persona or visage and can change appearance by necessity or desire.  One’s alter-ego can express varied elements of one’s being, perhaps a deep association with nature, a connection to the past, a mythological counterpart, or even an animal guide.

The eight artists in ALTER~EGO each consider the term expansively, employing a myriad of techniques to explore the boundaries and facets of self and identity. We invite you as well to approach the concept of an ALTER~EGO through an interpretive lens, both playful, associative, and revealing.