Andrea Borsuk

From City, State, Country

I create narrative paintings and installations that explore notions of fate, beauty and mortality. I try to allow the viewer to 'walk' through my work as if they are walking in some landscape or time line of life."I am inspired by the natural world, by popular culture and by beautiful things. I love how everything changes: the light, the time of day, our physical selves.I feel lucky everyday and my work speaks about the necessity of luck and good fortune to be able to live a life and watch how things change.I usually find images in the newspaper that speak to me about human interaction and our moment in time.My paintings start with a "ground", which is often an imaginary place and time of day. These grounds are fast and wet. Then I layer my figures onto the landscape-- the format changes...sometimes figures are hanging on chains as exquisite jewelry, blowing in the wind or they are simply suspended in/on a timeline or scientific chart that references time and how long we have. I sometimes add objects around the works, which can be seen as talismans of good fortune.

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