Artist Andrew Soria presents complex architectural paradigms that might hint at a future in flux, both foreboding and optimistic. His surreal cityscapes, composed of his own photography, strive to capture the spirit of a city. 

“My art explores the environments we find ourselves in at various moments in time. I capture moments of nostalgia, adversity, and the celebration of our tenacity. I portray the wholeness of places as they are, while piecing together nuances of human behavior, habitat, and change.”

Soria's current body of work, "Beverly Row," demonstrates themes of luxury, wealth, and, most prominently, the growing issue of homelessness in cities like Los Angeles. 

"Beverly Hills and Skid Row are both known to be inhabited by people on opposite ends of the class spectrum. This juxtaposition of imagery is a provocative look at the conditions of wealth and inequality in modern cities, showcasing the importance of evolution in order to become sustainable and create a hopeful future."

 Andrew Soria is a digital pop surrealist and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from South Florida, he takes inspiration from the vibrant culture of Miami, focusing his work on uncommon and colorful architecture. Andrew’s work has been exhibited in cities across the country including Miami, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, San Francisco.