Ann George’s photographic approach is mysterious and poetic:

“There is a certain language I know that art communicates and it’s not with words. There is a rhythm, a diction and symbols that represent feelings and emotions that speak this language, the language of art. 

“Finding warmth and comfort during the dichotomy of change is illusive within the absurdity of the unexpected. The ardent search to articulate refuge during the cascade of evolution is held in the resulting series, Animals in a Room…read more This series represents my passion for seeking and finding relief from the unexpected by the unexpected.”

George grew up in a Louisiana town with people and places that deeply grounded her. Her inspiration draws from vintage images and to create a timeless sensibility, she uses traditional and alternative photographic processes, including cameras, computer, printing techniques, and painting.

George’s work has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally.  She has participated in exhibitions in the United States and abroad including solo shows in Argentina and Australia and Europe. George has been published in multiple periodicals and books and has lectured in the United States and in Canada.