Anna Szkobodzińska

 Szkobodzińska’s artwork is defined by its exploration of the concept of "ALTER-EGO," which she interprets as identification. Her pieces are composed of two linocut matrices that, at first glance, appear quite different but reveal their similarities upon deeper reflection and understanding. One matrix tends to foreground a more realistic depiction of space, while the other is abstract, transcribing its meaning through expressive forms. 

These dual elements interact like friends, close and understanding, emphasizing and complementing each other. Szkobodzińska’s work is a dialogue between reality and abstraction, nature and technology, creating a harmonious balance that invites viewers to engage in thoughtful contemplation.

Born in 2001 in Bialystok, Poland, Anna Szkobodzińska is a graphic designer specializing in workshop graphics. She will earn her bachelor’s degree in graphics from the Faculty of Architecture at the Białystok University of Technology in 2024. Szkobodzińska's recent work focuses on linocut and Mono printing techniques, drawing inspiration from nature and the surrounding world, which she juxtaposes with technical elements in her linocuts.