Growing up in South Africa and spending 30 years in the UK before moving to Singapore, Aubrey is an artist, designer, and photographer who has a passion for exploring the human body in his work. Despite feeling rootless and homeless after moving around so much, Aubrey's internal compass points him towards the North, but his heart longs for the South, leading him to gravitate towards African themed stories in his paintings.

As a graduate of the Bath Academy of Art and Graphics at The London College of Printing, Aubrey's interest in all things visual began early on. After college, he worked for Richard Bird, then the resident designer of the National Theatre, and designed many memorable poster campaigns for theater, dance, opera, and art galleries. This experience helped him to develop the useful skill of reducing a story to its essence, conveyed in a split second, which he now incorporates into his artwork.

Using both photography and painting as his chosen media, Aubrey creates bold and powerful images infused with a keen sense of design and form. His principal interest is in exploring diversity and difference in the human form, and he translates what he observes into photography, culminating in his award-winning work Mapping the Human Body. His paintings and photographs are an exploration of the dynamics created by looking and being looked at, bringing into debate the contentious notion of the male gaze.

Overall, Aubrey's primary objective is to create beauty, and he achieves this through his unique perspective on the world, which he views with different eyes. Based in Bangkok, he continues to create memorable images that scrutinize the people, art, and architecture around him, processing them into works of art using his camera and paintbrush as his tools of choice.