Beth Galton

Beth Galton is a New York-based food and still life photographer who has worked with many advertising agencies, design firms, and major American brands over the past thirty years.

Galton finds influence in the sensual, organic classicism of fine art photographers like Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Edward Steichen. She is fascinated by the relationship between how food looks and tastes. Her meticulous and often witty botanical, food, and fine art images elevate food and objects to art. 

Galton’s most recent work, Potato Love, is a photographic series that explores the miraculous growth that emerges from a potato during its lifecycle. When first harvested, the potatoes appear smooth, but as they age new growth begins to sprout out. Galton takes these seemingly normal items from nature and turns them into living pieces of art. 

“For this series, I collected potatoes I found visually interesting at farmer’s markets and nurtured them as they matured and sprouted growth while in my studio. Observing and then documenting these bulbous, vulnerable creatures during this process of new life was inspiring to me. As the potatoes transformed, they took on their own relationships and personalities which I captured in these photographs. The resulting large-scale prints point to the cyclical nature of time and the chance for new growth in all living things.”

Both Galton’s professional and fine work has won numerous accolades and has been exhibited extensively. Her work has been shown at Aperture, Milano Art Week Ode to Food, The Fence Traveling Exhibition, Wave Hill, and at MOCO in Montpellier, France.