“I love to layer images, patterns, and texts to reshape familiar narratives about women.“

“ The suppression and obedience of women has a long history in the fashion and advertising world and it was especially unchecked during the turn of the 20th century to the early 1960’s. During a time when the patriarchy’s reign was largely unquestioned, images of blissfully happy domesticated women were everywhere. But lurking underneath these frenetic overtures was a burgeoning rebellion that would kick off the most transformative feminist movement in history.

As a former advertising Art Director, I found images of women, pre-feminist movement to be evocative and profound. I saw a passion for life and mysterious longing behind the docile smiles. Perhaps the fashion with its adornments and the sweet smiles were an expression of a deeper, more complex layer underneath. I became particularly interested in exploring the forbidden aspects of the female experience of that time period, with her unsuppressed subconscious, and noticed how that repeats itself today. In my newer work this fascination with the female experience reveals itself in a stylized portrayal of women exercising their freedom of expression. I layer collage materials, handmade paper, magazines, fabric, ribbon, sequins and found objects to  hopefully entice the viewer to look deeper and conspire with the subject to reclaim her own power.”  -Cabell Molina