"Much of my work is inspired by early landscape, portraiture, and botanical art. Weaving historical imagery into the narrative embeds a feeling of nostalgia, whereas working within a digital platform invites us to reconsider our perception of the story. I live on a Sanctuary property, and observing nature every day through the lens, I have begun to notice the cumulative changes in the landscape. The geography has almost a prehistoric feeling - vines out of control choking great trees; invasive plants that spill over paths and highways. Trees with weakened root masses are ripped from the ground during storms and left in the aftermath. I find the natural world to be ferocious, rebellious, and fascinating." 

Carol Bouyoucos' work is influenced by artists such as Thomas Cole, Frederick Edwin Church, and the botanist, Robert John Thornton, whose work illustrates an America inspired by the expansionism into the American West in the late 19th century.  "Environmental and social borderlines are as conflicted today, but history has taught us that contemplating nature can compel humanity to work toward change. "

Bouyoucos' practice is a balance between digital painting, collage, and photography; she approaches her subjects with the curious eye of a photographer and a painter's sensibility and then uses digital tools to enhance perception and reimagine our relationship to nature's powerful and surreal landscapes.