Carol Bouyoucos is a visual artist based in a Sanctuary property in Upstate New York. Her practice revolves around exploring the intersection of nature and technology. Bouyoucos draws inspiration from the early landscape, portraiture, and botanical art, weaving historical imagery into her narrative to evoke a feeling of nostalgia. However, working within a digital platform also invites viewers to reconsider their perception of the story.

As someone who observes nature daily, Bouyoucos finds the natural world ferocious, rebellious, and fascinating. Her work is influenced by artists such as Thomas Cole, Frederick Edwin Church, and botanist Robert John Thornton, whose illustrations portray America during the country's expansionism into the West in the late 19th century. Bouyoucos believes contemplating nature can compel humanity to work toward environmental and social change.

Bouyoucos's practice balances digital painting, collage, and photography. With the curious eye of a photographer and a painter's sensibility, she approaches her subjects. Then she uses digital tools to enhance perception and reimagine our relationship with nature's powerful and surreal landscapes. "The intersection of nature and technology has opened a new visual language for me," says Bouyoucos.

Although Bouyoucos initially considered her practice solely photography-based, her current work reflects a 35-year exploration into the digital realm, which she feels is her True North. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States. She continues to create thought-provoking pieces that inspire viewers to think deeply about our relationship with the natural world.