Catalina Pardo is a Colombian visual artist graduated from Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. Her work focuses on the experience of being, and what that means in a world that is so fast-paced and seemingly chaotic. She focuses on the stillness of the viewer catching a moment in time, and the sense of absurdity that arises. In her work, the distortion of bodies and spaces reflect this incongruity of existence, a certain nonsense that hinders the body and mind. 

"I want to recreate the experience of how I feel standing and being confused in this world." Among reflections, poems, and experiments, Catalina searches for ways to express her ideas. “The repetition of visual patterns in my work has been a tool for constructing a way of fragmentation. Through the reiteration of colors and symbols, I have tried to build fragmented spaces." 

Pardo is inspired by sensations and their dialogue with the body, time, and space. She perceives her practice as a process of self-recognition, inquiring about the restlessness of being and the meaning of our existence.