Chiho Kane is a Japanese artist based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in a small town in Japan where nature abounds. 

Kane was drawn to the freedom of digital art at an early age, recognizing that it has no color or size limitations. She began creating digital art on her computer, and by age 7, she developed a creation method that crossed the digital and physical worlds that won her art competition awards. When she was 16 years old, she began studying 3D and animation to express her ideas more freely. 

“All of my art is inspired by the "Break of Dawn." It's the beginning of the day, the place where darkness and light meet. It is fleeting and beautiful. Without darkness, it is difficult to shine. Life and death, nature and artifacts, justice and injustice, past and future, they loop and change together and we're shining.”

Chiho graduated from Takarazuka art university in Japan with a major in media contents. After graduation, she worked as a 3D artist for video production companies in Japan and the US, honing her skills and continuing to create artwork between jobs. She made her debut as an artist at Art Basel in Miami in 2021. Her artwork was featured at Crypto Art Week Asia 2022, the largest crypto art event in Asia held across 6 countries. Her artwork was also featured at a charity auction hosted by Quantum Space LA NFT gallery in Santa Monica, California. In addition, she collaborated with BITMONDS in Italy and also participated as an artist in the first 3D-NFT platform "VIIRA" focused on virtual Fine Art, Design and Architecture.