"I believe that beauty is a doorway to transformation; it allows for opening of the mind, uplifts the heart, and helps us evolve towards our highest potential."

Sculptor Chistina Bertsos aims to convey the essence of the feminine, sensual, and enlivened spirit. She creates an inner and outer movement in seemingly static material, symbolizing the boundlessness of the human body and soul. 

Bertsos is an award-winning sculptor who lives in Dunedin, FL. Her journey as an artist began as a child with a deep love for drawing and a fiercely creative spirit. Continuing her passionate journey, she studied life drawing at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago before being accepted into an accelerated honors program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. While at FIT, she majored in couture and spent a semester in Paris learning the history of design and visiting some of the most significant fashion houses in the world. Her appreciation of expertly crafted garments has influenced her devotion to creating one-of-a-kind stone works.

​Bertsos works with different types of stone that each provide a range of character and uniqueness and also remain constant to her intention to invoke a fluid and harmonious form that seeks to be touched. 

Bertsos’ latest works explore texture, contrast, and form. The diversity and nature of the medium constantly provide her with both the challenge and inspiration to transcend boundaries. Bertsos is self-taught but has learned much about the technical aspects of working with tools and stone from other generous and supportive sculptors. Her atelier is at the Sculpture Studio in Clearwater, founded by the legendary George Wagner and lovingly cared for by Sy and Cathy Manzon.