“As Marmee March said to Jo in Little Women, “I am angry nearly every day of my life,” I dilute my anger so I can mislead the viewer by incorporating childlike and cheery colors that initially resemble commerciality. The color choices illustrate a facade of what it takes to get through

the day as a Millennial Black woman and child. In the twenty-first century, society is always meme-ifying Black emotions and expression for comedy, dehumanization, or capitalist gain. My work is an antithesis of that, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the thoughts and experiences of Black people.” - Christl Stringer

Christl Stringer is a Black surrealist figurative painter, writer, and filmmaker whose work has been shown at Shockboxx Projects, Latela Curatorial, Hot Bed Gallery, Maake Projects Gallery, Piano Craft Gallery, and Philly Art Collective. She explores the interiority of Black womanhood and childhood experiences. Her films and scripts have been accepted into NFFTY, Thuh Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, and Another Hole In The Head Film Festival.