"My evolution is a defined space where the boundaries are visible and where every change of rules reflects vibrations entering in your perception."

Corina Patricia Grether was born and grew up in Basel in Switzerland. She studied at the School of Fine Arts.  After her studies, she developed a career as a Costume Artist, Designer, and Painter.

Grether is a multifaceted artist who expresses herself in a figurative, abstract, instinctive and graphical manner. Her works are intended to be a surreal and psychological reading of an existence made up of strong contrasts. Grether’s research has taken her into the sphere of multi dimensionality, a path marked by subjects that meet and clash in restricted spaces. In this context, the canvas is a means of communication to recount reflections and facets in the evolution of one’s personal and emotional journey.

The artist has exhibited her works in small spaces in Basel, Switzerland, and in Rome, Italy. 

Evolve See|Me + Scope is her first official appearance at an international level.