Daniel Acuña´s work seeks to raise questions around mortality, violence and nature. He has built a language that conceives drawing as a stage to think about these phenomena and that has made its way to other media. His research processes are nourished by the friction that emerges between some elements of Eastern and Western thought.

The search for historical, mythological and philosophical references adopts an essential role in his work by combining with the plastic reflections that emerge from the work with matter, resignifying the processes of creation.

In 2013 he finished his career and acquired the title of Master in Visual Arts with emphasis on plastic expression. He is a finalist in the Young Art contest organized by Colsanitas and the Embassy of Spain in 2015. He has made illustrations for the Library and the National Museum of Colombia and has exhibited his work at the El Museo Gallery and SGR gallery, among others.

The latter represented him in Colombia from 2016 to mid-2021. He has participated in international art fairs such as Swab Art Fair in Barcelona and Arte Diez in Mexico City. He was selected by the Colombian Antarctic Art Project to participate in the VIII Colombian Antarctic Expedition (Southern Summer 2021 - 2022) carrying out a residency at the Korean King Sejong base.