Daniel López Venture is a mixed media artist based in New York City. His work addresses urban living and our perception of reality. Venture considers himself a provocateur, creating poetry out of images. In his pieces, spectators respond to scenes that are a highly-charged collection of erotic imagery, art appropriation, and painting experiences organized in a new space that describe a world beyond the realm of comfortable realities or conventional appropriateness.

 “We live in an era of self-censorship, where the most shared interaction is the “like” ♥ and the frank interchange of ideas is quickly disappearing. I aim to challenge this by expressing views that will cause people to openly discuss a subject that most keep well hidden from others.”

 Venture’s work highlights an obsession with the unusual, the carnal, and the passionate wonders entangles in his head, creating drama that exposes the gap between the self-internal dialogues and the manifested ones.

The layering of images has become the artist’s visual vocabulary and emotional language. These layers of pigments converge in the edges or disperse in the center. They open a door to the curious eye to wander through his creations.

The pieces the artist created are intended to serve as a vehicle for the observer to be shocked, challenged, and to experience a new dimension of possibilities.