Daniela Acosta Parsons is an accomplished Artist and Historian, specializing in Plastic, Electronic, and Time Arts. She holds a Master's degree from Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia, where she graduated with honors and received scholarships for her outstanding academic achievements. Daniela's artistic exploration delves into the intriguing realm of the human psyche, mainly focusing on the complex dynamics within psychiatric clinics and the relationship between patients and caregivers.

Through her artwork, Daniela confronts the notion of Western science as the authoritative source of knowledge on pain and reality. She skillfully captures the strangeness experienced by those committed to psychiatric clinics, where patients are subjected to confinement and the prescribed perceptions dictated by traditional psychiatric practices. Within the eternal repetition of day and night in the confines of The Bedroom, the immobile body rebels through violent nightmares, and space and time become extensions of emotional turmoil.

Proof of survival emerges in the form of origami crafted by the patients within the clinic. Daniela perceives these delicate creations as a symbol of liberation from captivity, where captors inadvertently become instruments of liberation themselves. Yet, the hands that draw and the hands that are drawn are forever condemned to the act of making proof, never reaching the point of completion.

Daniela's expertise extends beyond her artistic endeavors. She has served as a research assistant at prominent institutions such as the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, Universidad de los Andes, and Western University. Her illustrations have graced the pages of esteemed publications, including "Poemas Cotidianos" for Ediciones Vestigio, "Doméstico" for La Pájara Pinta, and "Pajarraco" for Babel Libros.

Additionally, she has imparted her knowledge and artistic skills as a teacher at renowned institutions like Universidad de los Andes, Liebre Lunar, Casatinta and through private instruction.

Daniela's artwork has been showcased in various prestigious exhibitions and competitions, both nationally and internationally. Her talent and unique perspective have garnered recognition, including winning the Legado del Arte Young Art Award in 2021 and securing residencies such as the Block Residencies in 2021 and the Public Invitation: Exhibition Residencies in Plastic and Visual Arts from 2017 to 2021 at the Santa Fe Gallery. Her captivating works have been exhibited in countries such as Colombia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Japan, and her pieces are proudly held in private collections across Colombia, the United States, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Panama, and England.

Grounded in drawing as her primary medium, Daniela strives to convey the perception of space and the subject's emotional state through the interplay of light, atmosphere, and the uncanny nature of her images. Her art aims to evoke emotions and personal experiences within viewers, fostering a dialogue on pain, care, mental illness, violence, and the possibility of repairing bonds with others following traumatic experiences. Her research pursuits align with these themes, exploring the production of knowledge and the intricate interplay between pain, mental health, and the potential for healing connections.