Don Bell

Don Bell is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and visual artist. His work focuses on - but is not limited to - amplifying the richness and complexities within communities of color while deconstructing a monolith heavily reinforced through media. He uses portraiture and other avenues to dive into a reservoir of emotions: from raw vulnerability to wry humor. From unspeakable strength to bountiful pride. His photographic process places value on sophistication through simplicity. 

“I believe nothing true can be built on a lie, so I place an emphasis on the authenticity of subjects and accentuate them with the use of minimalist settings. I consider my work a snippet of history, a time machine, or the "pause button" on your remote control of life.”​

In addition to exhibiting at See|Me’s JOURNEYS (New York, Fall 2021), Don recently exhibited at Hot Bed Philly's SUMMERHOUSE (Summer 2021) and was previously featured at “In the Commons” at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (Spring 2021). Solo exhibitions include Unharnessed (Philly Art Collective, Spring, 2019), and Life in Progress (World Wide Mind Gallery, Los Angeles 2014), to name a few. 

When he is not shooting, Don steps in front of the camera as the Sports Director and lead Sports Anchor at CBS 3 Philadelphia. Before that, he helped launch Fox Sports 1 and anchored SportsCenter and other shows on ESPN’s family of networks. He has covered everything from the Super Bowl and World Series to Triple Crown horse racing.