Ela Kurowska is a photographer and a biochemist living in London, Ontario. Since 2013, she has mined her science background to explore and visualize the powerful forces that compel the natural world to create life. Using original, science-based techniques, she captures the transformation from amorphous organic matter to life-resembling forms by building and photographing miniature compositions made of translucent organic gels and other organic materials.

Ela’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, in numerous solo and group shows, and resides in many private collections. Her images have won prestigious awards, including 1st Place category winner in the 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards, 2nd Place category winner in 2020 International Photography Awards and 2nd Place National winner in the 2017 SONY World Photography Awards. Her works have been published in international photography magazines (including feature articles in the 2019 issue of Dek Unu Magazine and in the 2019 Emerging Photographer issue of the Photo District News) and gained recognition as examples of creativity at the interface between art and science.