Elisa La Galla

“ I use photography as a tool of self-awareness and women empowerment. In my work, photography becomes a tool for exchange and questioning. I am fascinated by the almost therapeutic power of the camera, both for the photographed subject and for the photographer, and its capacity to connect and create human bonds. Aesthetic beauty is not the goal of my work but one of the elements contributing to the creation of the messages that I want to pass.” Elisa La Gala

Graduated from the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University
Oriental from Naples, Elisa worked and traveled in different countries before settling in Brussels in 2013. This journey allowed her to plunge into different cultures and at the same time to reconnect to her roots. Photography has accompanied her for years as a personal reflection/transformation and has allowed her to carry an 'other' gaze on her intimate and the outside world.

The photos presented for ROOTS competition are part of the project TREBBETE: a nostalgic gaze at the place where she was born and raised, the same place she had to leave to find opportunities elsewhere.

“It is an homage to one of those places that you take with you everywhere you go, because it is home to your heart. Trebbete is an attempt to keep alive the memories of the rural activities and traditions to which as a child I participated enthusiastically.” - Elisa La Gala