Emi Krespin is a visual artist and sculptor whose work explores women's roles in society. She uses different kinds of clay, porcelain, and drawing materials; clay and glaze are her preferred medium.

“As a female artist from Turkey, I like to break down misogynistic and heteronormative perspectives and focus on  feelings and thoughts that a woman can not express.”

Through traditional ceramic methods  Krespin employs, she opens up a way for translation while switching between different mediums,  traditional tableware into paintings, paintings into sculptures, and sculptures into photographs.

Her latest sculpture series, Candle, visualizes two figures who live far away from each other and passionately love each other. In her words:  “There are miles of distance between these two people.  They are playing a  spiritual game completely directed by the woman.  Their souls seem to be melting into each other.  But they will never be able to be next to each other in the physical world.” 

Candle series consists of 12 different sculptures. Her work has been widely exhibited in Turkey in several group exhibitions, and she was part of the Ceramic Biennal in Buenos Aires, Argentina.