"The series "Beauty is in the nostrils of the beholder" deals with the realization of beauty ideals, the purchasability of beauty and the phenomenon of hurting the body and introducing objects to it to achieve these ideals. Radically and consistently, the protagonists slip not only in supposedly more beautiful, but rather in far more extreme bodies, changing sex, skin color, degree of body charm or physical fitness. The thought of dressing the other identity remains a quick, pain-free alternative to beauty surgery, tattoo studio, or sweaty gym."

Frank and Steff have been working together for over twenty years. In 2004, the two decided to join forces as a photography duo permanently and have been doing all photo commissions and art projects together ever since.

In addition to commissioned photography for clients and magazines in fashion, advertising, and corporate communications, the duo has also made a name for itself in the sector of international photographic art. 

Frank and Steff's art has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide, as well as winning several international art and photography awards.

It is the symbiosis of male and female gaze that makes Frank and Steff's art so unique and also offers their clients added value for their campaigns and image productions.