Giacomo d'Orlando is an Italian documentary photographer currently based in New Zealand.

He began his career as a professional photographer in 2011, when he was 21, working for a photographic studio in his birth city, Verona.

After more than 3 years spent in the advertising photography industry, he decided to follow his true passion, documentary photography.
For this purpose, in 2015 he decided to move to Nepal where he began his first long-term project about Gender-Based Violence. Since that time he has specialized in documenting social issues and environmental problems while occasionally working for travel magazines.

In the last years, he has been living in Nepal, Peru, Australia, and now is currently living in New Zealand, where is carrying on a long-term project about the Refugees of Climate Change.
What he shows now is a response to how the increasing pressures brought about by climate change are reshaping the planet and how present-day society is reacting to the new challenges that will characterize our future.
D’Orlando seeks to portray these realities through several series of photographs, grouped in projects that focus on the several vertices that climate change can have as a concept.

His purpose is to report the social and environmental issues that our world is going through nowadays, giving the people who don’t have the chance to travel the chance to raise their awareness about these important topics. The reportages of Giacomo d’Orlando has been published worldwide in many recognized magazine such as VSD, DLUI ”La Repubblica”, Vice, DestinAsian, Washington Post among the others, and awarded by some prestigious photo competitions such as PX3 (State of the World 2019), International Photography Awards (2018,2019), MIFA (2017, 2019), TIFA (2018) and Chromatic Photography Award (2017).

His work has been exhibited in the international scope in places like Paris, India, Glashow, Edinburgh, Venezia, Rome, New York, and Barcelona.