Giulia Baita

"The theme of roots is very dear to me. I have always been very attached to my parents, particularly to my father. Recently I lost both dad and mom; maybe, for this reason, I am reflecting a lot on my roots." - Guilia Baita

Giulia Baita was born in Pelago (Florence) and lives in Sardinia. She graduated in Contemporary Art, and in 2009 she discovered Mobile Art through the works of American artists. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions: Miami (Florida), Porto (Portugal), Palo Alto (California), Paris (France), and Amersfoort (Netherlands). In 2017 she founded MAG MobileArtGroup, an international community of mobile artists who publish their works on social media and meet at events and exhibitions. Since 2018 she has organized group exhibitions promoting Mobile Art and is considered one of the leaders of the internationally mobile community. Her art comes from photography or apps on iPhone.

Art critic Elena Gollini writes of her: "Giulia's artistic work is undoubtedly exhaustive, complete, clean. Her works possess the valuable gift of being particularly attractive and possessing great intrinsic energy, and they invite the viewer to abandon themselves to poetry and beauty".