Glenna Mills

"Born in Idaho, I never got the dust out of my shoes. As the ditches filled with water in the spring and summer, I'd dangle my feet to feel the slime between my toes. One day I grew up, took the mud, and made a creature that no one had seen before; this was the beginning of my career in ceramic sculpture." - Glenna Mills

Glenna Mills has an MFA from the University of Minnesota, and during her career, she has explored different mediums such as painting, sculpture, filmmaking, and photography.

Glenna has participated in competitions and created several films. Her work has been shown in different spaces, such as the Walker Art Center and galleries.

"As an artist, I'm delighted with surprises that come from the unconscious. I enjoy starting with one idea and watching it turn into something else." - Glenna Mills.

In 2021, Glenna started a new adventure, an exploration of mixed media, where she reconstructed photos taken over the years while doing genealogy for her mother. She decided to transfer these images to canvas, to intervene them and turn them into a series of paintings. This series is her more recent work.