Hakeem's artworks are a fusion of various influences, reflecting his understanding of art as interconnected with political, social, economic, scientific, and historical factors. He seeks new methods that suit his artistic vision and the era he inhabits, formulating his work to express unique and collateral concepts. He holds a hopeful view amidst the chaos, believing in the existence of good spirits and advocating for positive change. His art serves as a call to action, encouraging viewers to combat the darker sides of human nature and strive for a harmonious existence, much like animals living peacefully in a forest through mutual, unconditional love and natural sanity.

Born in Alexandria in 1989, Hakeem Aboukila graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department at Alexandria University in 2012. His work is deeply inspired by his local environment and the streets surrounding him, translating various influences on his canvas. Hakeem draws from fantasy and reality, borrowing elements from myths, legends, and history through inherited culture or religious interpretations. 

Hakeem believes in the transformative power of art, striving to create work that fosters change and love, gradually evolving into a more complex and advanced state.