Hannah Thomas’ work is deeply personal yet speaks to universal existential themes - the interplay of elements we each experience simultaneously for example. Thomas’ area of focus is the confusion created by continually shifting boundaries and evolving relationships along with the attendant betrayals our physical selves impose. Thomas parallels these with the beauty and corruption of our accrued experience. 

“My work is instinctive and focused on a stream of consciousness approach to painting. Ideas of Absurdism and chaos… I am passionate about expressing these ideas succinctly within the realm of abstract painting, which whilst I do use motifs and evocative shapes, and my visual language reflects my influences – Francis Bacon, Art Nouveau, David Lynch and the natural world - I want to conjure an emotional topography that is specifically mine.”

Thomas' work has been exhibited in important art hubs such as New York and London where she has been awarded several prizes within the creative industry. She is working on large scale pieces for her latest project in Bradford, UK.

Thomas spent her childhood living abroad before returning to attend secondary school in the UK.  She has a BA in Art and Visual Culture from the University of West of England and spent ten years living in East London working as a photographer, primarily  in the music sector. 

After finding herself jaded with the industry and keen to find a form of artistic expression that was more experimental and allowed for greater creative autonomy, Thomas traded in her camera for a paintbrush, and from 2017, has focused her artistic practice on painting.