Igor Eugen Prokop’s large-scale prints and paintings layer pattern, texture, and color, and an exuberant spirit.

“I love the sea, the grass, the trees, the animals, the animate and inanimate worlds… material is the worldly manifestation of the spirit. I have traveled around the world and know: it is small, blue and fragile…I do not want my children, my students, the explorers of the future not to be able to see this magic. I am presenting some fragments from this endless world, and giving them to the spectators with love."

Prokop has studied and taught art and biology and draws deep inspiration from the natural world, from the Mongolian deserts, to the mountain peaks of Elberus, and the intense colors in the underwater world of the Cuban seas. Prokop hails from Budapest, Hungary, and now lives and works in Visegrad.