IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS brings together six artists from the Netherlands, UK, United States, and Canada. Each artwork celebrates a rich, private moment in nature that moves beyond escapism and into a transcendent personal world. Each piece belies the artist’s personal  narrative, encouraging the viewer to reflect both on the meaning of a physical place and space and simultaneously on the creation of an internal world. 

Through varied means, both respite and possibility are manifest through the exploration of an expansive otherworld beneath the waves, for example, (Transmigration in the Big Blue, Erik Niemenin) or via a child’s eye perspective belying the mystery and opportunity discovered in a lush urban jungle (Child in Time, db Waterman).  Private joy and calm can be found as well as in the work of Aliona Kuznetsova  and Alberto Hoya, (Cherry Blossom, and Mystic, respectively), both suggestive of  magic and mystery known only to their coy subjects; as viewers, we cannot help but be curious. The possibility implied by Ela Kurowska’s  tiny, microscopic worlds (Simia and Hortia) are tantalizing as well - her invented organisms suggestive of emergent new life and perhaps discovery and even hope and scientific invention.