Jadon Matthews

Trinidadian artist, Jadon Matthews, started creating at the tender age of five, and sold his first piece at 15 years old. He is passionate about working in charcoal and soft-pastel, and paints in oil and acrylic as well. Stylistically, Matthews’ employs realism, impressionism, and surrealism to deftly capture texture and mood in his subjects and compositions. His hope is that his nuanced, emotive style will impact the art world locally, regionally and internationally.

“As an artist who is concerned with the state of humanity, it's an opportunity for me to speak through my pieces about fundamental principles that apply to attaining fulfilment and inner peace by peoples and individuals for whom adverse journeys were and are created, not by animals or trees, but by other fellow men. In a world where you not only have to cater for what's already on your plate  but also be prepared for additional challenges, the qualities needed to survive and conquer the journey then must be showcased. These qualities include love, patience, hope and resilience. Hope stands at the forefront of these because it becomes the light that guides through dark paths and I would therefore like to emphasize this most with my artworks.”

Inspired and influenced by everyday contemporaries as well as  renaissance masters, Matthews believes that there are elements that he pulls from “everyone”.  Being a “Jack of all trades” himself, Jadon singles out Leonardo Da vinci, amongst the multi-faceted, as his greatest inspiration.

Ultimately, with his brand of ‘black art’, Matthews hopes to sow seeds of inspiration and education, reminding everyone of our vision and who we are as the human race.