James Nazz is a digital artist and Illustrator currently based in New York City. Using eggs as a medium of choice is unusual in and of itself, yet the artist creates heart-wrenchingly relatable and symbolic pieces that are realized and elevated with eggs. From family figures to life events, Nazz re-imagines emotional scenarios that are familiar to our everyday lives, all while bringing perspective to how delicate, intricate, and beautiful these moments are--much like the egg.

Eggs for me represent a life form, neither gender or species specific. This versatility, fragility of the shell, and beauty of it’s texture and color allows to combine the eggs with other objects and situations with conflicting realities and of human feelings. The egg is nourishment, an object that almost everyone on earth is familiar with and knows what it is from an early age. What do you expect to happen when you drop an egg?”

Nazz’s creative relationship with eggs began back when he was a painter making egg tempera for his paintings. One day, after stacking eggshells on top of one another as an attempt at organization, he unknowingly began his first sculpture known as “Genesis”, which took on a phallic form. The symbolic irony of this sculpture--“a female object creating something male”--catapulted Nazz to where his art stands today.