Jason Engelbart

Jason Engelbart is fascinated by the playful use of light and color, the flowing forms, and the expression of light and dark contrasts found in opulent and sacred Baroque paintings.

Engelbart recomposes and abstracts select Baroque works using digital layering and over-painting in a technique he calls ‘Neo Painting’. In the process, flowing structures and pictorial rhythms emerge. For Engelbart, this is akin to creating a perfect moment in which color and form transform into a single aesthetic event that is experienced on a purely emotional level.

“In art lies the chance to bring faith, hope and meaning into our world without following traditional religious approaches. Art always brings people into a current relationship with being. It is a source of inspiration for looking inwards.”

Jason Engelbart earned his degree at the Alsterdamm School of Visual Arts in Hamburg, Germany. He has worked primarily as a Creative Director in design studios and Founded and worked as the Managing Partner of a design agency, Die Botschaft. Jason is currently a full time creative in Hamburg.