Juanete (Juan Alvarado) is an advertising professional, commercial director, and writer who, in the art world, is known as "Juanete." This Colombian artist, born in Cali, decided to exchange texts for canvases, easels, and countless hours of work over twelve years ago to create art and make a living from it.

His sketch-like artistic style gives the appearance of an "unfinished piece" due to its grayscale and black tones, filled with lines, dots, and splatters that hint at the initial and final foundation of the artwork. Through his paintings, he expresses what words cannot, showcasing various realities. The staging of his artwork is characterized by irony and sarcasm.

Juan has participated in national and international projects, one of the most significant for his career being his involvement in the creative and collective art project, We ART Colombia, in 2019. Alongside nine other artists, he exhibited his works in galleries in Odaiba (Daiba), Tokyo. Juan Alvarado captivated the Japanese audience, showcasing his artwork as a guest artist at "The National Art Center Tokyo" and the "Mirai International Art Exhibition."

Currently, the artist is based in Bogotá, Colombia, actively exhibiting and working within the local art scene.