Karima Ben Cheikh is a Tunisian multidisciplinary artist, born in 1986 in Tunis. Since 2010, she has been residing in Paris, where she studied art at La Sorbonne. After pursuing a career in graphic design, Karima made the decision in 2021 to fully devote herself to her artistic passion.

Karima's artistic journey began with watercolor painting, graphic novel and children's book writing, as well as exploring music, video, and photography. However, in 2022, she shifted her focus to oil painting. Her artworks embody an expressive style that lies between the realms of figurative and abstract, reflecting her deep-seated desire to capture human emotions and experiences in a visceral manner.

"My oil paintings delve into the concept of new realism, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective on the world. Through my art, I aim to unveil hidden layers of reality that often go unnoticed in our daily lives. I invite viewers to perceive the world with renewed eyes, to uncover deeper meanings and discover the hidden dimensions that surround us."

Karima has actively participated in various exhibitions and artistic events in Tunisia and Paris, showcasing her works in renowned art galleries across France. Her unique and emotionally charged creations have been acclaimed for their originality, evoking sensations and emotions that transport viewers into a captivating universe.