Karolina Skorek

"After I graduated with the Master's Degree in glass design and painting in Wrocław, Poland, I did another M.A. from Illustration in North Wales where I am now based, from where I can travel for projects worldwide. As an artist, I have the responsibility of influencing others. I choose to tell my story, through my images, following my attraction to the light, which was used by the Old Masters of Painting I found a perfect marriage for the great passion for painting and drawing I have and photography in my style of works. I create surreal images that are dark yet beautiful and full of hope, by using ethereal, whimsical and fairytale visuals. I carefully design, plan and sketch each picture before I start creating the final version of the photograph. Those works, heavily edited to achieve a painterly effect, depict wild imagination filled with dark, dream-like scenes with whimsical subjects. Each story brings light and hopes to the brooding melancholy we all have inside us."