Laara Cassells is a contemporary Canadian painter renowned for her captivating representational paintings and portraits. Since 2010, her exceptional artwork has been featured in over 85 exhibitions worldwide, earning her multiple prestigious awards.

Before pursuing her passion for painting, Laara Cassells established herself as a professional theater designer. She has contributed her talent to designing sets and costumes for various theater, ballet, opera, and film productions across Canada and Europe.

With a particular fondness for portraiture, Laara focuses on capturing the essence of both human subjects and animals in her artwork. She often explores themes over a series of paintings, allowing her to develop narratives and tell stories through her art.

In recent years, Laara's paintings, drawings, and sculptures have been exhibited across several countries, including Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland, as well as extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Her exceptional talent led to her work being selected as the sole representative for Canada at Nordart 2013, a prestigious art exhibition held in Germany.