French-Vietnamese painter Laurence Antignac’s artistic expression is deeply influenced by her dual cultural background, literature, and the diverse nature of contemporary art practices.

Her artistic exploration revolves around themes such as relationships, family dynamics, and the role of women, as well as the interplay between social presentation and conscious or unconscious concealment. The activation of memory and reminiscence occurs organically throughout her creative process.

Antignac's approach involves a sedimentation of biographical elements, cherished texts revisited over time, the assimilation of other artists' works, and a foundation in anthropological research. Her work becomes a reflection of the complexities of humanity, often at odds with their outward appearances.

Antignac’s compositions are infused with vibrant neon hues that create an intensified  backlight effect. Her artistic process begins with free-flowing sketches, gradually evolving into intricate compositions where color is applied in multiple layers and textures.

Laurence studied oil painting and drawing at the École des Arts Décoratifs, though she considers herself self-taught. Her paintings have been exhibited in locations such as Paris, London, Venice, and Monaco and she has recently been invited to showcase her art at the 120th edition of Salon d'Automne Paris in January 2024.

Laurence was the See|Me Grand Prize winner in THE MIDDLE PATH exhibition in New York in April of 2024. She currently resides in Paris and divides her time between a private studio and a collaborative work space.